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Increase Guest Satisfaction with Luxurious Hair Drying

Increase customer satisfaction by simply upgrading your in-room hair dryers.

Providing an appliance that provides a luxurious hair dry, as well as an efficient drying time, add an extra element of indulgence to your guest’s stay.

The Luxury Alesio range of hotel hair dryers, from SPL’s Designer Collection, feature Ionic Drying Technology which reduces hair drying time by up to 50%.

Ionic technology produces negative ions, which break down the water molecules on the hair, allowing them to evaporate faster. It also seals the hair cuticle providing a smooth, sumptuous hair dry. The decreased drying time also reduces power consumption.

The Black Mambo, Polar Fox and Ionic hair dryers also feature a range of heat and speed settings, including cool shot, overheat protection for safety and wall holders for convenient guest access.

Why install a hand dryer and not a paper towel dispenser?

Looking at installing a new hand drying appliance into the washroom? Unsure whether to go with a hand dryer or a paper towel dispenser?

Here are a few factors and benefits of the hand dryer that may help influence your decision

  1.  The costs of paper towels is more expensive annually than a hand dryer
  2. There is less maintenance involved when a hand dryer is installed
  3. Energy savings
  4. Increased hygiene within the washroom
  5. Vandalism can be reduced - no more blocked toilets due to paper towels clogging toilets
  6. Help to preserve the environment by saving trees, water and land-fill space
  7. Hassle free - guests will never have the issue of running out of paper towels

Hand dryers do of course use resources and energy, however the energy used to generate power for the hand dryer is minimal and will save on the amount of overall costs to maintain the paper towel dispenser. The use of paper towels also has a significant effect on the environment, so if your company/workplace is an environmentally conscious business it is important to know that paper towels cannot be recycled as they are the last stop in the recycling chain. Therefore after use they are then off to the land-fill which is not sustainable or environmentally friendly. 

Quick fix for the work place

So you've cut your hand at work, or you've fallen over and grazed your knee outside. The blood starts to drip and now you're in a right old mess. First thought, to clean it up and get a plaster on the cut. 

You head towards the company first aid kit, and start to scramble through all the items, all you want is a plaster. Why is it so hard to find one plaster? Boom, you're in luck, oh no! It was just an old plastic wrapper to a plaster. 

Work place cuts and grazes can occur now and then, but finding a plaster is sometimes just as painful as the cut itself. With the Plum Quickfix plaster dispensers, you are able to have plasters easily accessible and easy to use with just one hand. 

Reduce the stress of looking for plasters in the workplace by providing employees with these dispensers around the factory, office or any workplace and or home. 


7 reasons to have an Ionic hair dryer

Hair dryers like the Aliseo Ionic, Aliseo Black Mambo and the Aliseo Tango all utilize what is called Ionic technology.

What exactly is Ionic technology?

Ionic technology uses negative ions to repair damaged hair. The negative ions are activated by the heat of the hair dryer, so that you are repairing the hair as your style/ dry it.

Water molecules are broken up using the negative ion that have been activated by the heat, this helps to decrease the dry time and lock in moisture of the hair. Therefore reduces the amount of frizziness and also helps to leave hair looking shiny and feeling healthy. 

Here are the 7 benefits that you will recieve from using a hair dryer that uses Ionic drying technology

1.       Eliminates the frizz

2.       Leaves hair smooth, silky and shiny

3.       Repairs damaged hair

4.       Reduces static

5.       Reduces drying time

6.       Seals and smooth split ends

7.       Locks in moisture

Ultimately the benefit of having an ionic hair dryer is that it is going to protect your hair by reducing the drying time. 

Leading brand Aliseo takes world by storm with new product range

The Aliseo product range have been the drivers behind a culture of design sensitive technologically advanced and cutting edge products since 1985. Aliseo established the reputation as trend setter with the introduction of the “world’s safest hair dryer”- a wall mounted hair dryer designed to eliminate the hoteliers safety, security and liability concerns.

The specifically engineered products deliver a new level of service and efficiency to the hotelier and provide comfort for their guests. Aliseo has a wide range of bathroom accessories, cosmetic/ shaving mirrors, Hotel hair dryers and guestroom articles provide a new level of service and efficiency. Aliseo are continuous in their efforts of research and development, looking at innovative ways of thinking and monitoring the latest and evolving trends to bring the most innovative products to the market – with 25 years’ experience Aliseo has a unique in depth understanding of hospitality needs.

Aliseo is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally positive business and with continuous product life cycle expansions and the increased amount of eco-smart products Aliseo will continue to increase the awareness of the importance to the ecological global environment to both the guest and the hotelier. 

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