Eco-friendly bathrooms in NZ schools

More and more schools are striving towards sustainable and eco-friendly environments. Energy, Waste and Water are common themes of conservation, and as hundreds of pupils pass through school bathrooms every day, its an area to potentially make a positive impact. 

Installing any of the below products will immediately contribute to an eco-friendly bathroom environment.  

Hand Dryers

The Supreme AIRFORCE is a preferred Hand Dryer for many schools in NZ. It has a Vandal Resistant cover and dries hands fast, reducing running and maintenance costs.

Sensor Taps

Xibu Sensor Taps are a must to reduce water consumption. Compared to regular taps they use up to 75% less water, while the non-touch operation reduces the spread of nasty germs.  

Urinal Water Controller

Eliminate unwanted flushing with the Supreme Master Flush…a sensor operated Urinal Water Controller that will flush only when sensor activated, making a massive impact on saving water.

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